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  • Introduce Let's Encrypt on EC2

    Recently I introduced Let’s Encrypt on my EC2 instance so this is the record for the future. I have nginx as web server but the setting procedures were quite straightforward and easy with Certbot. One thing unique on Amazon Linux is you have to add --debug option to run some of the commands. ... more

  • Business Logics and Domain Logics

    It had been really vague to me about what exactly is business logics for a long time. But now I understand what it is, it helps me how I organize my code. The definition may vary to the people, but I have one solid definition which I have been able to rely on. ... more

  • Relation of Specs and Requirements

    One confusion I see a lot in software development projects is people sometimes mix up the words of “Specificiations” and “Requirements” for the other. ... more

  • Learning English with Python Scraping

    If you have ever tried to learn some foreign language, you know learning words is undoubtedly one of the biggest challenges. I have used online web dictionary services with my native launguage, but they are weak in keeping your search history. My favorite service gives me only 10 histories, ... more

  • Test Rake tasks with RSpec

    It’s tricky to test rake tasks for following reasons.

    1. It’s annoying to see the task’s outputs when running tests if you set it up so.
    2. rake does not allow you to run the same task for multiple test examples as it is.
    ... more

  • MVC + Layered Architecture (Rails)

    I believe the point of adopting Rails is to maximize the development productivity, namely to build an application very quick with small amount of code. But if you try to do everything within the original MVC, you will easily end up messing up with fat controllers and/or fat models, and lose the maintainability and readability of your codes. Rails MVC+ ... more

  • CI Automation in a ruby project

    We introduced Jenkins for our Ruby on Rails project and we loved it the convenience and power it gave us. Jenkins CI screenshot ... more

  • Dynamic Prepared Statement (Presentation)

    My presentation regarding static vs dynamic prepared statements. ... more

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